Motivate to learn: 
When you are motivated to learn, the path towards knowledge becomes 
a thing of beauty 

Would you like to learn Spanish in a convenient and effective way? My online Spanish courses offer a wide range of features, advantages and benefits that can help you achieve your language learning goals.

Spanish Teacher a la Carte

Zoom courses from Brussels to the whole world - online learning makes it possible. 
On-site courses in the Brussels region or at a maximum distance of one hour.


Individual classes: Individual classes: once or twice a week, according to availability, to be agreed with the student at least 24 hours before the class.

Groups: once or twice a week, fixed day, fixed time.

Intensives: from Monday to Friday, or intensive weekend courses, or several consecutive Saturdays .


Improve your grammar, vocabulary and conversation skills in no time. 

Join now and start your journey to Spanish proficiency!

Some of the places where I teach or have taught in the past.


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