Specialised courses on grammar

We are not afraid of grammar

In the specialised grammar courses, we want to work on specific points of the language that students of Spanish already know. These are not courses where these topics are studied for the first time, as this is the purpose of the progression courses, where each topic is studied at the appropriate time and level.

We want to perfect certain topics that are a little difficult for us, or we simply like them so much that we want to go deeper into them. We work in groups of between 2 and 6 people. These courses have a level recommendation which is very important to follow in order to avoid having beginners and advanced students in the same group.

Past tenses

A highly successful course for students who want to clear up the most common doubts: imperfect or indefinite? Ah, it's past perfect, but why? Once we know the difference between each of the four past tenses (preterite perfect, indefinite, imperfect and pluperfect) we will gain confidence in their use.

The course is approached from a communicative point of view: the rules are the basis, but the aim is to use the past tenses by speaking.

Two possible modalities:

Past tenses I - 4 hours
Review of the 4 past tenses
Communicative use of the past tenses.
Recommended level: end of A2 level or beginning of B1 level.


Dates: on request


Past Tenses II - 4 hours
In-depth study of the 4 past tenses.
Communicative use of the past tenses.
Recommended level: B2 and above.

Dates: on request



The subjunctive is the verbal mood that causes headaches for students of Spanish as a foreign language. But it is possible to learn it.

I propose three modes:

Subjunctive I - 4 hours 
Presentation of the subjunctive, regular forms, irregular forms (study or revision), main uses and contrast with the indicative.
Recommended level: for students

Dates: to be confirmed 

Subjunctive II - 4 hours
Present subjunctive (in-depth) and imperfect subjunctive (forms, use and conditional sentences).
Recommended level: B2 level and above.

Dates: on request


Subjunctive III - 4 hours

An in-depth study of the four tenses of the subjunctive: present, past perfect, imperfect and pluperfect, with special emphasis on the last two.
Recommended level: Advanced B2 and above.

Dates: on request

Prepositions: not only "por" and "para" are difficult

Those who know me know when asked why por and para are so difficult, I always reply that they are no less difficult than a, or en, which cause many problems, or even more.

So why the fear of por and para then and not all prepositions in general?

In this course we will learn to "respect" each and every one of them, because the Spanish language is not just about por and para. - This course is recommended for students at the end of their A2 or B1 level.

Prepositions - 4 hours

Dates: on request

Ser y estar: 

Another of the "classics" of the Spanish language. If you want to become an expert in this subject, and be more familiar with it, and be more effective in your use of these verbs and be less nervous when using them, this is your course. As it is a very difficult topic, I propose two levels:

Ser and estar I: Main uses of these verbs, clarification of concepts, typical collocations - Level A2 / Beginning B1.
Course of 4 hours

Dates: on request


Ser and estar II: deepening, correction of typical mistakes, misunderstandings 

As the song by Alejandro Sanz says, ser is not the same as estar.

Level B2
4-hour course

Dates: on request



Another great theme of the Spanish language.

As if we didn't have enough with so many tenses, so many irregular forms, with the subjunctive in addition to the indicative, there are also these verbal expressions to give a nuance of the actions, such as the beginning, the continuity or the end of an action, to continue it, or the time to do it or not to do it, or even the changes or the permanence in these states after the change...

Level B1

4-hour Course

Dates: on request

Review of all the tenses of the indicative:

How often does the question come up in class: "Could we go over all the tenses we have seen so far? 
The indicative tenses are: present, past perfect, indefinite, imperfect, pluperfect, future, conditional, future perfect and compound conditional.

This course proposes to do just that: to "relive" all the tenses, to name them and to practise the main uses of each one, all from a very communicative point of view.  

End B1 / Level B2.
6 hours course

Dates: on request


They are all those little particles that make our life impossible: le, lo, la, me, se, ti ... They are not the lottery. We do not place them in the sentence at random but they are words that refer to others that they replace: In this course we will clarify the concepts and try to turn this "lottery" feeling into something logical and real. - For students who are at the end of an A2, or in a B1.

4-hour course

Dates: on request

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