Who am I?

I am Spanish, from many places. I was born in Madrid and lived there until I was 20. I spent a year in the USA and then moved to Hamburg, Germany, where I studied, worked and lived for 31 years. Now I live in Brussels, Belgium, to complete my feeling of being European and from everywhere.

With a degree in Languages, I not only speak my mother tongue fluently and perfectly, but I also speak German almost like a second mother tongue, and I am also qualified in English, French and Dutch.

I have an enormous experience in teaching Spanish, acquired in the different institutions where I work or have worked so far: the Technical University of Hamburg, the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, the Volkshochschule in Hamburg, the European Institutions in Brussels and the University of Antwerp.

I have given and continue to give courses at all levels, from beginners to advanced, on specialised topics such as grammar, culture, history, travel, as well as presentations on different regions of Spain. Over the years hundreds of students have passed through my classes, and in the last few years many others have learnt Spanish with me online.

Some of the places where I teach or have taught in the past.

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