Courses for language progression

Levels A1 to B2

Individuals or groups

These are the basic courses for learning Spanish. In all of them there is a progression - linguistic content according to the level - but they can also be focused on the student and his/her specific needs. There are many possibilities, such as:

  • Courses with a greater emphasis on grammar
  • Communicative courses
  • Conversation courses
  • Spanish for work courses
  • Spanish for travelling

In any case, I guarantee the use of the language at the level of each course, and work on the four skills: 
oral expression, written expression, oral comprehension and written comprehension. The amount of each of them can be adapted to each person or group.

Levels C1 to C2

Individuals or groups

They are courses of practice and improvement. Once we have learned "everything", we continue to learn, but in a different way. You need to expand your vocabulary, correct mistakes, perfect what you know and become a near-native speaker.

You never finish learning a language, and these courses are for those who want more, those who want to achieve a very deep knowledge of the language and the culture in which it is immersed.

Study material: 

It is possible to work with or without a book. The learner decides. A textbook is highly recommended for progression/learning courses between levels A1 and B1. But it is also possible to work without a book at any level. I have produced a lot of my own material.

At advanced levels, from B2 onwards, the possibilities are endless. A book is always a good link, but the higher the level, the more free you are to work with material created or provided by the teacher.

In any case, all courses and levels use all types of media, more or less depending on the level: written (books, press, websites), audio (methods, podcasts, songs), audiovisual (videos, short films, commercials), games and other learning tools.

Each lesson provides a comprehensive summary of the points covered, the vocabulary and the themes that arise. This allows the student to pay attention in the online classes without having to write anything down and to concentrate 100% on listening and speaking, without having to take notes. The working document for each lesson is sent by e-mail after the lesson (not the PowerPoint presentations).

My bonus: 

  • Success guaranteed by hundreds and hundreds of students who have attended my classes over the years.
  • Fun and very productive classes
  • Flexibility
  • Specific, highly specialised knowledge and the ability to communicate it.
  • Extensive teaching experience with all types of audiences and institutions.


For pricing information, please contact me at this e-mail address. It always depends on the type of course or the number of lessons contracted.

Each class or course is the result of rigorous preparation. For this reason, classes are always paid in advance.

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